Malaysia is one of the significant investment hubs in Southern Asia with the Bursa Malaysia Exchange playing a major role in enabling financial investments and international trade through forex trading. The regulations only allow licensed brokers and agents to conduct business on the exchanger. Before trading on the Bursa Malaysia Exchange or online, you need to be informed of some of the requirements and regulations which you need to satisfy, for you to be able to open an online or CDS trading account.

Opening a Trading Account

For you to open a trading account, you need to have the right documents so that your investment may not go down the drain, because of failing to pay attention to some details during registration. Some information which may be required, depending on the broker, includes name, address, and source of income, among other details. Make sure that you provide accurate information to ensure you get the best trading experience.

Malaysian Financial Markets

If intending to trade on the Malaysian financial market, we have information relating to how the exchanger works and the regulations governing the financial market. You will also read through how you can identify a reliable and trusted broker or investment agent.

Types of Financial Markets

There are several financial markets that one can invest in, which include the stock market, bonds, forex or commodities such as oil and gold. You should consider the best market for your type of trades if you want to make profits, and in this section, you will find information related to the common types of financial markets.